Fowl's Farm Market

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fowl's Farm Market Sign

What Do We Sell?

  • During the month of June, we have homegrown strawberries 
  • From early July to mid-September we have a large variety of in-season fruits and vegetables and fresh-picked daily bi-color sweet corn at our produce market.
  • We sell fresh brown eggs, firewood, and straw bales year-round.

Please feel free to call 440-322-2000 for any questions or more information.

Do We accept debit cards or credit cards?

Yes, We accept debit, credit, EBT SNAP cards, and Apple Pay at our produce market

What are our hours?

June Through September 9-6 Every Day

Dawn To Dusk The Rest Of The Year.

Do we wholesale?

Yes,  We have wholesale options, please call  440 322 2000  for  more information.

Are we on facebook?

Yes, we announce specials and whats in season, be sure to like and follow us!

Do we Donate to charities?

Yes, please stop in or call us to discuss.