Fowl's Farm Market



  • Q: Why is your corn so much less than your competitors?

  • A: Through the use of modern farming techniques and by pre-packing our corn we reduce a massive amount of waste and in turn, it costs you the consumer less!

  • Q: Do you even grow any corn?

  • A: Of Course! Because our competitors charge upwards of $5.00 to $6.00 per dozen they lie by saying we sell corn so cheap because we don't even grow any. How crazy is that?

  • Q: Is your corn picked fresh every day?

  • A: Absolutely! We start picking at the crack of dawn every day to have the best quality and taste for you our valued customer! 

  • Q: Why do other farms and markets sell their corn for so much?

  • A: Because they claim to use "special seeds" or a list of other ridiculous reasons but the truth is they let their customers package their own corn and open it all up and that creates waste so they must charge more to recover that loss.

  • Q: Do you let your customers open and bag their own corn?

  • A: In order to keep our prices low we don't allow our customers to bag and pick their own sweet corn. We have professionals bag your corn with the highest of standards to ensure you always have the best quality sweet corn possible.